About Us

I am a mother, a wife, and a blogger. I love being a mother and a wife, but sometimes I need a break from all that so I escape by means of a good book. I blog about the books that I read in hopes of helping others find books that they might like through my reviews.

I am also working on a novel of my own. Maybe someday it will be published! EEK! That would be AWESOME! I may share a couple chapters here and there to see what you all think!

I plan to start college courses (again) in the Spring to acquire a nursing degree. I *think* I want to go into pediatric nursing. Not 100% sure though.

I love college football! I am a diehard AUBURN Tigers fan! If there is an Auburn game on I can always tell you the score :)

I love my books! I just started buying books a little over a year ago and I have almost 400 on my shelves right now! I feel deprived if I don't get a book in the mail at least once a week...I know I know I'm spoiled...blame my husband! *Teehee*

~ * ~
I am a mother of three beautiful girls and one handsome boy. My youngest just turned five in January '13 and my oldest will be fourteen in August '13. I'm also a wife of six years in June '13, though it should be eleven years February '13. Why you ask? Well it's because I've gone and done the wild and crazy thing of marrying the same man twice and of course the love of my life.

For the past five years I have been a Stay At Home Mom. Before becoming a SAHM I worked full time and went to college for my Bachelor's of Science in Accounting. I would love to eventually become a CPA or CMA.

If I could go back and change anything, it would be to have followed through with going to Devry when accepted in '98. What some may not know about me is my love for anything technology and electronics. I would rather purchase a gadget that does more, then to simply get a blender that may do the same thing.

Recently I've become Doug Dillon's Assistant. His knack for writing, Sliding Beneath the Surface, Book I in The St. Augustine Trilogy, had me intrigued from the beginning to end, wanting more and left hanging. We started working together in November '12 and it's been an experience for both of us. One step at a time is all it takes to make your dreams become reality.

In April '13, As You Wish Tours was launched. It's growth in a just over a month has been amazing. This business could not be all that it is without the help from a few amazing people I've grown to love and the awesome hosts that like to participate. Thank you so much Len Phelps and Tina Donnelly, you two are amazing.

I am also a Girl Scout Troop Leader through Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma and have been for four years. Our troop has grown to over 25 girls. This is not done without a lot of help from the parents and other leaders involved, a true blessing.

What else can I say... I love the color purple, enjoy a good movie with the family, read as many books as I can get my hands on. Though I have not always been the avid reader I've turned into the past few years. Not since I was in school, my early teenage years, when I came across R. L. Stine's Fear Street Series.

In addition to reading and blogging – As You Wish Reviews is another blog that launched in December '12. I enjoy roller skating, dancing, whether it's line, two-step, fast paced, I love it all. A game of pool here and there, swimming, a water amusement park, roller coaster park, and the zoo is also fun at times. I like to camp and fish as well. I'll eat anything from American, Italian, Mexican to Chinese is good when it comes to foods I enjoy.

On a more personal note, I love romance, passion, and happily ever after... I grew up watching the chick flick fairy tale movies and swoon over a passionate kiss or a touching heart felt moment, whether in a book, or movie, even in real life. I get butterflies, yes I just said that, over the smallest acts of kindness. A sweet compliment, to calling me darlin' means the world to me. Does this mean I should be telling the world my more personal loves, no but then I wouldn't be putting myself out there if I didn't, right?