Raffle Tickets

Did you get a yellow ticket in the package/envelope you received from me? Are you wondering what it is for? Keep reading! Don't lose your ticket!
If I have to mail you anything (including tour books) you will get one of these: (all future tickets may not be yellow other colors may be used depending on what is available for me to buy.)
I will send you the bottom portion and I will keep the "Ticket" part. I will place all tickets in this
jar folded in half. So the more book tours you participate in with me, or contests you participate in, the better your chance of having the winning ticket! On January 1, 2012 I will draw ONE ticket from this jar (while being video recorded) to choose a winner. Whoever has the other half of the ticket I draw will have to provide a picture of their half with the NUMBER visible within a week of the drawing to claim their prize. I will continue to draw ONE winner every 3 months from this jar. I will NOT start over after each drawing. I will simply trash the winning ticket so that ticket can't be chosen again the next time.

Now for the prize! The winner that is chosen every 3 months will not receive one thing! This prize pack will contain AT LEAST 10 items! That's right I said TEN!

*I do appoligize to all of my international followers, but this giveaway is for U.S. residents only. I have to pay for all shipping out of pocket and it costs more than $12 to send just ONE book overseas so a prize pack of 10 items or more would really be expensive. :( I do appreciate my international followers and will continue to allow ALL single book giveaways to remain open internationally. (lots of other blogs don't offer ANY international giveaways unless they are ebooks)*