Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holding on to Heaven by Keta Diablo + GIVEAWAY

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Holding on to Heaven
by: Keta Diablo
Publisher: Keta Diablo
Publishing Date: April 15, 2011
Source: Ebook provided by Bewithing Tours

When the blazing fires of revolt ravage the countryside, Lauren and Sage McCain are trapped amid the flames of destiny. The Civil War has crumbled a Nation, and the Dakota Sioux uprising has turned southern Minnesota into a violent battlefield.

Holding on to Heaven is a story of love between two men and a woman, love between siblings, and love that crosses all boundaries and forges all cultures.

To be honest, this was my first Keta Diablo book. I had never heard of this author before receiving an email about this tour. I can most certainly say it will NOT be my last Keta book though!

I absolutely loved it! I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this book since it is an Erotic "Historical" Romance. I think I got enough history lessons in high school and I don't need any in my reading for pleasure...History was not one my best subjects. HAHA I am so glad I read this book though!

Keta did an amazing job introducing all the characters. She explains everyone so thoroughly that it's very easy to feel as though you know them.

The story is very different from anything I have recently read but definitely not in a bad way. I didn't want this book to end. It was very gripping and kept me on the edge of my seat through the entire story.

**Keta Diablo, I will be reading more of your work soon! Thank you for the wonderful story and the opportunity to review it for the tour**

Now for the GIVEAWAY
ONE lucky commenter can win an ebook at each sitethat wishes to offer a giveaway- the winner can choose between these 2 books


After her parents diein a fire, Sophia Whitfield struggles to save her beloved home, Arbor Rose. TheCivil War has devastated the South, and another blue coat has come to steal hermeager possessions. Before the hated enemy inflicts his destruction, she shootshim. And soon discovers the soldier is Gavin, the champion of her childhood.

Gavin's dark secretlurks in Sophia’s future. When she discovers the truth, she's torn between aburning hunger for the man she truly loves and loyalty to Jesse, theirchildhood friend. The despicable acts of war have changed everything Sophia andGavin once cherished. Yet somewhere deep in their hearts, the mystical Land of Falling Stars still exists.  

*  * *
Amazon Kindle:

Penniless when shearrives in Norfolk, her mother and father drowned at sea, Raine Brinsley longsto return home to her grandfather in Maine. When Derek Stafford, owner of alarge plantation, offers a solution to her dilemma, she’s stunned, if notoutraged. She’d prefer to fulfill the contract to have his child and forgetabout him and his self-serving scheme. If only she could dispel the passion sheholds for the man.

Derek Stafford’s onlywish is to father an heir to Stafford House, thus securing his future. Hedidn’t count on the Scottish lass with green eyes interfering with hiswell-laid plan. After one night in her arms, guilt, not to mention the loss ofhis soul, becomes his penance. He’ll do anything to win her back, anything toquench the hunger tormenting his soul.

Rating: EroticRomance/Historical/Paranormal
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