Saturday, June 23, 2012

Madison's Life Lessons
I absolutely loved the life lessons! If I hadn't read them before I read Pandora's Box I know I would have a whole different take on the characters. I wouldn't love them the way I love them now and that would be so sad :(. Gracen did an excellent job with these. They help prepare you so that you are ready for the SHOCKER in Pandora's Box. Without the life lessons you can't really understand the relationship that Madison and Micah have. The book would still be AMAZING but it would be lacking a lot of spark without the Life Lessons.

Pandora's Box
OMG! This book was SO good! Even though Gracen left me completely  hanging at the end I absolutely adored this book and I really can't wait for the next one to see what happens with Mads, Nix, and Micah! I have to say that I am DEFINITELY team Nix even though I did read ALL of the life lessons before reading the book. Nix is just such a good could you not love him! Micah completely caught me by surprise in the beginning of the book. I never expected him to disappear. Especially since he was always thinking about how much he loved Madison and Amos. He was so sweet in the "prequel" I thought he was going to turn out to be an angel. Boy was I surprised to find out what he actually is (although I wasn't completely wrong in my assumption)!

Hell's Phoenix

I read Pandora's Box right after it came out and I have been one of Gracen's loyal  Hellhounds ever since. Gracen is an amazing person as well as a marvelous writer. I absolutely loved everything about Pandora's Box but I have to admit I am ALL about Hell's Pheonix! I have found that with most series that I have read the first book is usually the best and they all go downhill from there. NOT with this series! Gracen made the second book BETTER by FAR! It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it...even chewed my fingernails off (I don't usually CHEW my fingernails)! Gracen mixes just enough "steamy" in this action packed ADULT book. I would absolutely recommend this book to ALL of my friends (and even some random people in the book store)!

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