Saturday, June 29, 2013

Release Event | You Killed My Brother by Keith Rommel

Book Title: You Killed My Brother
Author: Keith Rommel
Release Date: June 2013
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Crime, Fiction
Presented by: As You Wish Tours


Rainer is a successful doctor and father of two. He’s a celebrated member of the community for his exceptional care and charity work. Brick is a local street thug that can’t keep his nose clean. When fate brings the two together through tragedy, the life of Rainer is changed dramatically.

Glenn is a seasoned cop and Rainer’s younger brother. Trusting the justice system, he keeps his desire for revenge in check as Brick is brought to trial. But when the jury hands Brick a lean sentence, Glenn sets out to avenge his family’s suffering. But what he forgets in his rage is that for every action, there is a reaction.


“I’m sorry—” he said and faced the customer “—but I’m closed for the evening.”

“I’m not here to buy anything from you,” a young man that was as big as him said.

“I’m sorry?” Eddie said, and took notice of the bat he raised and rested on his shoulder.

“No, you’re not,” the young man said and flashed a smile. His silver teeth gleamed in the florescent light. “But you will be.”

He swung the bat at Eddie’s head.


Eddie saw a flash of light and an intense throbbing pain filled his head. He staggered around a bit, not certain what just happened or what he needed to do. He hadn’t been this stunned since the seventh grade when big Tommy Plains sucker punched him. It was strange, this thought, as was his vision that blurred and refocused and then dimmed. A high-pitched buzzing sound filled his ears and he remembered he had to finish cleaning the counter before he could go home.

“You had this coming to you,” the voice that sounded as though it was underwater said. “You should learn to keep your hands to yourself. Now it’s time for you to say goodnight.”

Eddie was struck a second time. All the pain left his body in an instant, but he couldn’t feel his body and everything moved around him precariously, bending and shifting with blots of black and explosive flashes of light. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell forward.

About the Author 
Keith Rommel is a native of Long Island, New York and currently lives with his family in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Keith is a retail manager and has enjoyed collecting comic books since he was a child (a hobby inspired by a teacher in grade school to help overcome a reading comprehension disability).

Keith Rommel is the author of the critically acclaimed dark suspense Thanatology Series entitled The Cursed Man and The Lurking Man. His newest novel: You Killed My Brother is a fast-paced suspense thriller with crime and some rather unorthodox police work. Keith is the co screenplay writer for The Cursed Man movie and is currently hard at work on the third novel in the Thanatology Series due out winter 2013.



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