Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Misfits and Heroes By: Kathleen Rollins + GIVEAWAY

Misfits and Heroes
West From Africa
by: Kathleen Flanagan Rollins

Publication Year: 2010

Source: Paperback provided by Author

A thief offers a woman a chance at a new life by cutting her bonds, beginning a journey that will take both of them downriver and out to the coast of West Africa. The time is 12,000 BC, and war is breaking out between the villages on the coast. Frantic to escape, the two travelers join others fleeing the chaos of battle. They think they'll be safe if they head down the coast by boat, but the sea sweeps them out into a new, very different world and a destiny they couldn't have imagined.

They didn't set out to be heroes, and they certainly didn't make all the right choices, but they accepted the challenge thrown down in front of them; and then the open sea and whatever lay beyond it.

Misfits and Heroes: West From Africa takes you on a journey that begins in defeat and ends in the discovery of a new world, in 12,000 BC

Join Naaba and Asha as they work their way from the villages that condemned them to the adventure of a lifetime.

I really didn't know what to think about this book when the author asked me to review it. Honestly I have always tried NOT to turn down an author. I don't usually check book genres and all that before accepting because I believe that all authors deserve the chance and WE all need promotion of all sorts.

When I received Misfits & Heroes: West From Africa in the mail, I thought..."Oh no, what have I gotten myself into? This book is really long and it's not among my choice genres." I have a bad habit of doing what EVERYONE says not to do, Judging a book by its cover. I know most of us do it even though we shouldn't!

I soon learned that the impression the cover of this book gave me was WAY OFF! When I started reading I simply didn't want to put it down. Kathleen Rollins has written an amazing historical novel with unbelievable plot twists and wonderful characters. This book was enthralling and it was easy to for the pages to just keep turning.

Giveaway Time!!
I am offering ONE copy of Misfits and Heroes to ONE lucky commenter! Please leave an email address in your comment so that I can contact you if you win! You must be a GFC follower to win.

Winner will be chosen RANDOMLY from comments on this post. I will anounce the winner on Jan 31st!
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