Saturday, February 18, 2012

Heart Ache by: Morgan Kearns

Want a great HOT read?
Here's my review for Heart Ache by Morgan Kearns.
Niko is most definitely swoon worthy!

Synopsis: Gabrielle Ryan felt an electric attraction to her new employer the first time he reached out and shook her hand. Three years later, she dreams of him and can sense his presence when she’s awake. Not that it does her any good. It seems all Nikolai wants is an assistant—and to Gabby’s chagrin, it’s not to assist him with taking off his pants!

For the last four hundred years Nikolai Voinea has searched for the one female capable of easing the empty ache in his chest. All it took was a single touch to bring life back to his heart. Stubborn and determined not to make the same mistakes as his father, Nikolai keeps his feelings for Gabrielle under wraps—except for the occasional appearance in her dreams.

Completely oblivious to Niko's feelings for her, Gabby agrees to marry a man who loves her unconditionally. But a male never gives up his heartmate. Ever. When murder charges make Gabby second guess everything she knows about Nikolai, she’s hurt and angry and determined to walk away. But Nikolai’s just as determined to do everything within his power to keep her.

Review: This is the first of Morgan Kearns' books that I have read. I absolutely adored it! Morgan included excellent detail in the story. She mixed loyalty, deceit, love, hate, and passion into the story with the different characters. No two characters are alike there is NO mistaking one for another. Morgan's story has an excellent plot as well as wonderful "steamy" scenes. The plot isn't totally predictable and it keeps you guessing throughout the storyline. 

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