Friday, February 17, 2012

Hell's Pheonix by: Gracen Miller

Happy Release Day! Hell's Pheonix by Gracen Miller is available for ebook TODAY!
Want your copy now? You can snag it for $5.99!
Super affordable for most budgets!

Synopsis: Hell’s become more than just a playground for the wicked…

Going to Hell was supposed to save Madison, but it didn't work. Knowing she’s dead because of his failure leaves Nix Birmingham only one thing to live for. Revenge. With Micah’s help, he learns to use his Messianic power. Anything for Mads becomes his mantra, even if it means killing innocents to gather the power he needs to succeed. A tsunami he unleashes on a Gulf Coast city is stopped with magical interference, and Nix is more than surprised to feel Madison in the opposing magic. If she’s alive, can he and Micah set a trap to lure her out?

Pandora’s Box…once you open it, there’s no turning back!

Madison has done the unthinkable. She opened Pandora’s Box to save Nix from Hell—and failed. She’s willing to risk her own life to rescue Nix, but she worries about the welfare of her accomplice in the mission, and leaving her son behind. Following up on a lead, she’s ambushed by Nix and Micah. Shocked and hurt to discover Nix has become a willing participant in Hell, she’s more certain than ever she won’t escape the demonic fate her husband outlined for her. While in Hell, she discovers that denying the emergence of her succubus is futile, which means getting Nix out of Hell after embracing her inner demon just became a very real dilemma…
Review: I read Pandora's Box right after it came out and I have been one of Gracen's LOYAL Hellhounds ever since. Gracen is an amazing person as well as a marvelous writer. I absolutely loved everything about Pandora's Box but I have to admit I am ALL about Hell's Pheonix! I have found that with most series that I have read the first book is usually the best and they all go downhill from there. NOT with this series! Gracen made the second book BETTER by FAR! It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it...even chewed my fingernails off (I don't usually CHEW my fingernails)! Gracen mixes just enough "steamy" in this action packed ADULT book. I would absolutely recommend this book to ALL of my friends (and even some random people in the book store)!

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