Monday, March 26, 2012

Echoes At Dawn by Kathleen Ann Gallagher

Echoes At Dawn
by Kathleen Ann Gallagher

Source: Paperback provided by Author
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Publish Date: August 23, 2011

Synopsis: The strangely intertwined lives of a widowed woman, and a charismatic bachelor come together in order to show that in life, there are no coincidences…only destiny.

Waterfront restaurant chef Madeline Young adores her job. If only her love and family's lives were as successful as her career. With a teenage son, who spends time in the emergency room for alcohol poisoning and a dementia-plagued mother, Madeline doesn't know how much more she could handle. Then her mother enlists the help of her deceased twin sister, Mary, to guide Madeline to find happiness. An early dawn visit from the spirit directs Madeline to volunteer at the local hospitals center for addiction recovery, where she comes alive for the first time in many years under the attention of Nat Griffin.

Nathaniel Griffin, a part-time counselor and contractor, fascinates his clients with his lectures. In keeping with his philosophy of professionalism, Nat prefers to keep his personal life private. When attraction tests his beliefs, Nat must confront his marred past. Is he willing to face his demons or take the easier path and remain isolated?

Can unworldly ghosts save this couple from their own self-destructive behavior? Will they be able to accept change and move forward, or allow secrets to stand in the way.

Review: I should have known this would be an amazing book just by looking at the publisher! Everything I have read published by Decadent has been nothing short of wonderful. This book does not dissappoint! The characters in the book are strong and the books is very well written. I didn't find any thing wrong with any of the wording and the editor even did a spectacular job.The novel is simply compelling and absolutely irresistable. Kathleen did an excellent job with this debut novel and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next.

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