Monday, March 26, 2012

Ghellow Road by T. H. Waters

Ghellow Road
by T. H. Waters

Source: Paperback provided by author
Publisher: Verefor Publishing Company LLC
Publish Date: October 14, 2010

Synopsis: Ghellow Road is a literary diary of a young girl's journey through the tangled labyrinth that is her life. Theresa's story begins in a large midwestern city where she is born to loving parents in 1965. For a brief moment in time, her life is full, as is her heart, and the world is hers to receive without consequence. As time passes and Theresa grows, supernatural forces begin to shape her existence, no matter how carefully her father colors the empty spaces of her world. After a series of tragic events, Theresa and her family seek refuge in a small Minnesota town nestled near the shores of Rainy Lake. She creates a new life for herself there, sharing adventures with friends and riding the ups and downs of adolescence. Yet through it all, her mother remains forever lost in the prison of her own mind and forever lost to Theresa. The young girl feels as though she is leading a double life, one that no one else could possibly understand. She begins to peer at the world as if looking through a thick, black veil, never certain which pieces are illusion and which are not. Through the kindness and support of the townspeople, She eventually summons the strength to survive. This is a story of tragedy and triumph. This is the story of my life.

Review: T.H. Waters has a way with words that just grabs you and won't let you go. The story she tells in Ghellow Road is wonderful and it makes you want to know what happens next in Theresa's life. The story seems too real to be fiction even though it is marked as a novel. I wonder how much of it is real. Ghellow Road is very heart wrenching and it pulled tears to my eyes more than once. It was hard to watch the main character of the story go through so much heartache. It literally made my heart ache for her.

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