Friday, August 17, 2012

Special Offers by M.L. Ryan

Special Offers
M.L. Ryan

Review copy provided by Author

Hailey Parrish is quick-witted, irreverent, and hasn’t had a date in three years. She only wanted an eBook reader because her collection of paperbacks threatened to take over her small living space. Little did she know that the "special offers" that prompted the purchase included much more than a reduced price in exchange for a few ads. The device came pre-loaded with the essence of Sebastian Kess, an erudite womanizer with magical abilities from a parallel dimension. When she inadvertently releases him and he inhabits her body, she finally has a man inside her, just not in the way she imagined. And soon her predicament introduces her to yet another supernatural, the handsome could-be-the-man-of-her-dreams Alex Sunderland. Can Alex and Hailey find a way to return Sebastian to his own body, stay one step ahead of the criminals who want to keep him where he is, and not lose their sense of humor?

I was really skeptical about this one. I didn't really think I was going to like it looking at the title and the cover. Boy was I wrong. The humor in this novel is great. I found myself laughing out loud on multiple occasions throughout this book. M.L. Ryan kept the story at a really good pace. She didn't reveal things prematurely nor did she keep me in the dark too long. I really enjoyed this read and will definitely be reading the next book in the series.

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