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Guest Post by Bonnie Elliot

A kNight Romance Publication Exclusive - Nocturnal Seduction Line of Romances.

"Big deals and power suits was the life of Madeline Sayers. No love. No color. No life. Out of the ashes of a dying mothers' last request, she finds herself in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere, Arizona, that is. On her simple quest to return an item, she finds herself stuck in the desert. Out of the blistering heat of the sun, she sees Devon. Although in her eyes he is truly magnificent, she fears him. Will he make her tear down the walls that she had built around herself? The seduction is hot and the colors are bright in Nowhere Arizona."  "Aquatica Reviews"

 Meet The Sunset Warrior, Devon

“It's fresh rainwater,” he explained. “Have you ever?”
Baffled, Madeline shook her head. “Ever what?”
“Sat and cooled off in pure rainwater?” Devon tugged his T-shirt over his head.
“No!” Nervous, she laughed a little too loudly. “I mean, who ever heard of...” Her words halted at the sight of his smooth, muscled chest. Okay, Madeline, steady now.
Devon opened the top button on his jeans and his fingers stopped. “Are you gonna watch?”
“You’re the one stripping in front of me!” Her embarrassment caused her tone to raise a decibel.
“Yeah, you got a point there.” He tilted his dark head at her. “Well, if you watch me?” His eyes roamed over her shorts and on up to her fitted T-shirt with a heated gaze. “I get to watch you.”
Her mouth dropped open at the flirtatious taunt.
“It’s only fair, you know?” He opened the rest of the buttons on his jeans while she tried not to stare—unsuccessfully.

Discover The Lightning Pool….

 “What do you feel like?” he asked in a curious tone and swam over to look directly at her.
With a brisk motion, she chafed at her bare arms and wondered at the euphoric excitement inhabiting her body. “Like something is messing with my endorphins or something.”
A jaunty grin broke out on his face as he grasped a strand of her wet hair. “Yeah, I suppose no one has ever messed with those in you before.”
A nervous prickling spread through her body, and she licked her lips. “I need to get out!”
Grabbing her, he held her to his chest. “No, you need to stay in.” Devon lowered his lips to hers, and his tongue swept into her mouth. He wrapped his arms around her and languidly kissed her as they floated in the small pool.
A living flame of heat hit her insides, making her shake all over; a compulsion to squirm at any minute assailed her. With just a kiss, she wanted to be entirely devoured by him, consumed by his hot, searching mouth. He excited her to a frenzy point with only his lips and embrace. His sensual, unhurried kiss elicited a greedy response from her, inflaming more desire in her than any other man ever accomplished before. Stunned by all the erotic images streaming through her befuddled imagination, she broke the long, wonderful kissing, her breathing accelerated. “I'm afraid.”

Seduced By A Voice….
“Stop talking to me like that.” She hugged herself and sat facing away from him.
Devon leaned closer. “You mean like I want you?”
More shivers attacked her skin, and she attempted to keep her body still. “Yes, like that.”
“Or like I want to touch you?”
Tensing, Madeline's senses accelerated to the point of insanity. She tilted her head back and breathed through her nose. A scent like sweet pine from a fresh rain in the forest drifted over her. A fragrance of pleasant days and soothing summer nights remembered from her childhood.
“Like I want to use my mouth and devour your delicious-looking skin from head to toe?” An inviting vibration filled his voice, and Madeline experienced a lustful spasm. His searing-hot mouth descended on her neck, like a fiery brand on her skin. Her body pulsed. “I want to taste you. What do you taste like? I will bet your juices are both sweet and salty.” Devon's lips caressed the words along her skin, “I would like to take those rosy nipples into my mouth and suck on them until you scream for me.”
Madeline shuddered. “Oh, God.”
Devon leaned in a little closer. “Explore every part of you. Have you wet and wide open.”

The Power of Lightening Water…

“I've never felt anything like this before.” The swirling vortex of need and desire cascaded through her.
“It’s mostly the effects of the water, but I can help you.” At his offer, exhilaration coursed through her. “But, I won't touch you,” he added, and crushing disappointment rippled over her. “If I could touch you, though, I would grab you and lower you down. I would use my mouth on you and my fingers. I’d open you and stick my tongue into you.”
Madeline tried to slow her panting, feeling light-headed. The seductive spell of his voice wove around her like a blanket of sensual heat.
 “I would bring you to the brink of climax with just my tongue. Then I’d plunge myself into you as you come.”
A wave of insurmountable yearning ripped through her, and moisture seeped from between her thighs. “Unh,” she breathed out.
“I’d pull your body up and bend you over. You’d be open and wet with need and wanting.”
“Ohh!” she shouted and put her hands between her legs. Out of control, Madeline shoved her fingers into herself.
Devon lightly touched her back with his bare chest as he spoke. “I’d thrust in and out as you grew wetter and wetter.” Inexplicably, she could feel it while pushing her fingers into herself. “You would be overflowing with me,” he purred at her. With his soft-spoken words, her tensing body shuddered. “In and out, pumping you deep and hard as you come on my cock.”
Madeline experienced the fantasy, and even the sensation of the pumping and sliding of his cock in her pussy. Her body tightened with a throbbing ecstasy beyond any she'd ever known. A powerful wave of orgasm engulfed her. “Ohh!” Her inner thigh muscles spasmed as her torso stretched out.
“And when I came, you’d climax again, and I’d suck on your nipples as my cum flowed into you.”
“Dev, please?” she pleaded. The orgasm did not recede, and her body throbbed wildly as she came onto her own fingers.
“I’d mount you as they do in the wild. I’d reach around and play with your nipples as they hung down, aching for my touch.”
Madeline envisioned what he described. “No.” Her body plunged into climax again as his voice vibrated through her and she helplessly moaned.
“I’d grind into you and slide out, faster and harder and deeper until…” he whispered the sexual stimulation to her ear again, “…you’d come for me.”
“Ahh!” Madeline spasmodically came against her fingers again. “Ohh, oh.” Her body collapsed to the bed, and she released a relieved groan.
Devon leaned over her. “Feel better now?”
Breathless, she attempted to speak. “I should…kill you.”
“For what? You’re the one who got—“
“Ooh!” Her breathless outburst drowned his words out. “You lured me into—into a pool of roofies!”
He looked baffled by the accusation. “A pool of what?”
Madeline shook all over and attempted to compose herself. “Where are my clothes?”
With an expression of disgust, he crossed his arms over his bare chest. “Oh, I get it. You got your pleasure, and now it's good-bye, Dev!”
Madeline rose up and gaped at him for a moment. “Are you for real?”
He grinned at her, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

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