Friday, November 18, 2011

Twilight Interview and GIVEAWAY

Thank you for tuning into Intoxicated by Books Newsroom for your latest updates on the phenomenal battle involving the Volturi and not only the Cullens but also the Quillette Tribe of Forks, WA. We have Christina Irelan live from Forks to update you today.

Christina can you tell us what is going on there?

This is Christina Irelan, Live from Forks Washington where I am standing with Edward Cullen, his beautiful new bride Bella Swan Cullen, and their gorgeous infant child Renesmee. We have recently received word that the Volturi are on their way to Forks, where we are anticipating a HUGE battle. Yet the details are still unclear. Let’s go now to the Cullens to see their take on the situation.
Edward, what are your thoughts about the battle ahead for you and your family?

Well, I really don't agree with there actually being a battle but I will do whatever it takes to protect my family even if that means I have to fight the Voluri in the biggest single battle known yet to our kind.

Edward, do you think that the differences between your family, the local tribe and the Volturi could have been reconciled any other way?

Of course, I always try to settle things in a way that doesn't include fighting. I would much rather a peaceful approach. We all know that the Volturi does NOT negotiate and they don't listen to reason. They are ruthless individuals, who always take action first and ask questions later, and that is if the Bastards ever even ask questions.

Bella, do you have anything to add to your husband’s opinion? Or do you have a different outlook on this upcoming conflict? Also, how do you feel about this fight being so close to Renesmee? Are you afraid some of the Volturi fighters might find her and harm her?

Like Edward, I don't like the idea of the battle at all and I really don't like that all of those merciless individuals will be anywhere near our daughter. I am hoping for the best and I pray that all of our friends and family make it through this alive. I know that we are outnumbered but hopefully our training will give us an advantage over them. Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers.

We are all hoping for the same thing Bella. Hopefully this will all end for the best and for once the Volturi will finally listen to reason and that the three of you can finally begin your new lives together the way you are supposed to. Wait...who is this walking our way?! Folks, it's Jacob Black in the flesh! Lets see what he has to say about the worst of the worst vampires.

Jacob, everyone is very aware of the fact that you are not a fan of vampires to begin with, so how do you feel about these high and mighty vamps headed this way and the appearent battle about to take place here in Forks? This one will be between your pack, the Cullens, and the Volturi?

I think that the Volturi have a lot of nerve! You know they don't have a chance in Hell against us. I mean come on, we have how many werewolves on our side? They are delusional if they think they will ever make it back to their precious Italy after forcing a brawl with all of us! I'm more than ready to rip some heads off those evil beasts and my pack is right behind me! We will proudly do whatever it takes to protect Renesmee...and if it means keeping her safe we will protect the rest of these damn local bloodsuckers to, if we have to.

Wow, it looks like Jacob has a very different approach to this fight that seems to be taking place soon. He seems to be almost anticipating a battle, but as we all know, Jacob Black would like nothing more than to destroy as many neck biters as he can.

There you have it folks. This has been Christina Irelan with Edward and Bella Cullen, and Jacob Black. Mere hours before the Volturi are expected to make their appearance in Forks Washington. To find out how this battle turns out please tune in to Breaking Dawn Part I in theatres near you November 18, 2011

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