Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bad Water by Toni Dwiggins + GIVEAWAY

Synopsis:  When a freight truck is hijacked, forensic geologists Cassie Oldfield and her partner Walter Shaws track the mineral trail into Death Valley. The stolen cargo they seek is hotter than the desert in August: radioactive waste.

As scientists, Cassie and her partner Walter are familiar with background radiation in the rocks they study. But as a woman of child-bearing age and a man of advancing years, they become acutely aware of the risk of their hunt. How many exposures are too many? What's safe? More immediately, what's lethal?

The geologists find out when the unstable radwaste thief unleashes the power of the unstable atom.

Review: When I first started reading this book I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to finish it. The first few chapters were largely just telling about the radioactive waste. I have never been big on science  (that's why my Bio Anatomy class is gonna kick my butt this semester)! It was hard to keep reading since I really have no interest in what the acronyms RERT or CTC stand for! I have to tell you that this book is FULL of acronyms!

I am glad that I stuck it out though. The book got much better after I got past the first few chapters. There were still LOTS of acronyms and lots of explanation that I didn't feel was necessary BUT the story was GREAT. I never would have guessed that the person behind it all was even involved! Toni Dwiggins did a great job keeping me in suspence!

In the end I LOVED this book! Even with all of the acronyms :)

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