Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coyote Night by: Danielle D. Smith **ADULT** +GIVEAWAY

This is a short but GREAT story by Danielle D. Smith. It's only 85 pages but she does a great job making you wish it were longer. Danielle has done her research about the Navajo and does a wonderful job describing everything so that you understand exactly what is going on. I enjoyed this book very much and I think that all you ADULTS should DEFINITELY consider reading it!

Skriker a half demon half white man bad boy and Rose, who is Nephil, are deeply in love even though they are naturally supposed to be enemies. The Harleys,  hunt and kill "hellhounds". They have been through a lot together and once again the hunt is calling for them.

Skriker and Rose set out on Route 66 headed to Shiprock, New Mexico. Shiprick is very sacred ground to the Navajo tribe. There are rumors that a skinwalker is ther. The skinwalker, a powerful witch, is kidnapping children from the area and feeding from their youth to keep himself young and strong. It is up to Skriker and Rose to track the skinwalker and destroy him.

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