Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blood's Voice by: Aine P. Massie

Anya Millar is not your ordinary vampire. There aren't many like her. Most that are like her are destroyed because they are considered an abomination to their kind. Anya has color in her eyes, they aren't a black void like the eyes of others of her kind. Only the vampires that don't feed from humans have color in their eyes.

Anya has a special power though. She can hurt people with her voice. The Educators want to change her. They want to turn her into a weapon. They want to train her to use her voice to kill. They want to control her.

Anya has no memory of her life before now. She has decided to live among the humans in order to learn how they live.Anya has a love for humans and wishes to have relationships with them.

Anya is particularly drawn to one of the humans in her American Sign Language class. He is different than the others. She can't understand the pull he has on her. She spends a lot of time with him and his friends. They all become great friends.

Nicholas knows Anya from her life before. He informs her that she had been missing for 30 years until he just found her again. She was captured by the Educators.Yet Anya still has no memory of anything before waking up with Star, the bloodless that has taken her in. Star didn't know her before so she was no help with filling in the past for her. Nicholas, however, could tell her a little. She and Nicholas become very close as well and Nicholas becomes very close to "Anya's humans" although he didn't think it was a good idea to hang out with them in the beginning.

Together Anya, Nicholas and their friends have many obstacles to overcome. The Educators are trying very hard to get Anya back and finish what they started. Anya's friends are very faithful to her and she even finds some new friends along the way.

I am trying to keep this review spoiler FREE so I can't really say much more about the story. I wil say that I LOVED it though! The author did a great job keeping my interest and making me want to finish the story to find out what happened next. There lost of suprises along the way and some things that truly didn't expect but that just made it better than I thought the ending was going to be!
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