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Character Interview with Vampire Anya Millar + Giveaway

Anya, you shared a big part of your life with me through the story Blood’s Voice and I am so glad that you did! I loved the story you told, although I do have some questions for you.
Sure, what would you like to know? 
First of all, when you decided to attend school with humans did you ever think that you would become such good friends with any of them as you did with Skye and Kayla?
Honestly, no.  I never had any intentions of getting close with the humans.  Attending school was an exercise in learning how human teens acted and interacted.  Having lost my memory makes it a little hard to blend in at times simply because I don’t know how to ‘be’ a teen.  I mean, I look about 16 or 17 so I need to at least somewhat act it, right?
I’m sure you never expected to fall in love with a human, but how did you feel about it when you did?
At first?  Terrified.  I had no wish to love Declán but somehow my intentions and our hearts were not on the same page.  However, I could not be happier than to have Declán by my side and in my life.  He is wonderful and a true wonder to me.
How hard was it for you to refrain from biting Declan?
Haha.  You humans have no understanding of how hard it was to not bite him at times.  He is so warm and his scent… let’s just say that I spent a great deal of time nearly insane or in pain trying to be a ‘good’ girl.  The fact he wouldn’t mind made it much more frustrating than need be.
When you found out about Skye and Kayla’s relationship were you truly surprised or did you already suspect it?
I was surprised in the way that I did not already suspect their relationship.  Had I known more about humans or have been exposed to them more away from others I’m sure I would have picked it up.  I was not, however, surprised as in having to come to terms with it or anything.  I honestly don’t understand why others care so much.  They have been together since their sophomore year, love each other dearly, and their gender should make no difference.  Humans are strange creatures.
You shared an incredibly HOT sex scene with me but it was painfully short! Why didn’t you share a little more detail?
I’m glad you liked it but um… do you really need that much detail into our sex life?  Plus, Nicholas would have had a fit.  In case you didn’t notice, he’s a bit stuffy about others knowing too much about his personal interactions. 
When you found out that Declan is a Guardian and everyone explained to you what that was, how surprised were you?
I don’t think surprised is the right word.  Mortified would be a much better one.  The idea of my soft, loving, warm lover fighting vampires, the evil and heartless ones, terrifies me.  I’m not even allowed to observe his training because of how protective I tend to be.
Even after Declan was declared a Guardian you were still very protective of him. Do you think you will ever accept the fact that he is not “just” a mere human?
I have accepted that he is not ‘just’ a human but I still cannot seem to let go of wanting to protect him.  We are still faster and stronger than him and well, he’s the last of his kind so some traditional vamps would LOVE to destroy him just for the prestige.  Sick but true.
If you had one wish and you could wish for anything in the world, would you wish to be human again so that you could have a normal life with Declan?
I’ve thought about that a lot since finding Declán.  I do not hate being a vampire so I don’t wish to be free of the only existence I know.  I cannot long to be human again as I don’t remember being one.  As to a normal life, that really wouldn’t make our life ‘normal’ now would it?  He would still be a Guardian so I would still have to deal with that world and then I wouldn’t be able to help or protect him at all.  A basic human has no real chance against one of us.
I would like the benefit though of being able to have children.  I know he’s not worried about that right now, he’s only 18 after all, but to deny him that still seems wrong to me.  He, of course, disagrees with me about it though. 
I know that when a vampire loves you they never stop loving, how do you get past it when you lose your love as you did Braden?
That is complicated to answer since I don’t remember Braden but do feel the loss.  He is part of the past I lost.  But, if you noticed, I became involved with no one for a long time after Braden if what Nicholas and Louie say is true.  About a century passed before I became involved with Nicholas and even then, from what he’s told me, I still always was a bit reserved in allowing him completely into my heart.
I don’t know how I will deal with loosing Declán when the time comes.  How do humans manage when their lover dies?
When you were poisoned and you were very weak did it make it hard for you to face Declan knowing he was possibly stronger than you?
No.  His being stronger did not affect my pride.  What was hard was fearing I would lose control and harm him.  I was weak but my mental health was also damaged so that was a real concern.  He is too trusting with those of us in the House so he didn’t ever think to protect himself as he should have.
Now that most of the Educators have been destroyed, do you think the others will still come after you? If so will you share that story with me as well? I would love to know how things turn out for you, Declan, and Nicholas!
I don’t know how many of the Educators were destroyed versus how many may still be around, sadly.  There are also other Houses that have them as well – Marcus is not the only Elder House that employs such wickedness sadly.  Others may come but I doubt it will be Marcus’, at least not for a long time. 
I would be glad to share our future with you.  Our story did not end with Blood’s Voice but rather started there.  Blood Bound is due out later this year, so please, continue to observe us, just remember… no stalking (or staking, haha).
Anya, thank you so much for doing the interview for me! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm sure all readers of the blog will as well! I am really glad to hear that you are going to share more of your non-life with the world! I can't wait to read it!

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