Monday, August 29, 2011

Lessons Learned at Summer Camp by:Colleen Wait

Synopsis: "Lessons Learned" is the story of a girls' Bible camp counselor who decides to tell her secret life story to a group of high schoolers. She feels God pressing on her to take off the mask, reveal the events that have haunted her since her youth, and to show the girls they are not alone in the problems they are faced with on a daily basis.

Review: First of all I want to thank Colleen Wait for asking me to review this book. I most likely never would have picked it up on my own and I am certainly glad I read it. I have a daughter who will be 9 in February and you can bet your bottom that I will be either making her read this story in 3-4 years or I will be reading it to her! I think that this is a great story for teenage girls to read. It could help to open their eyes and help them realize that their actions as teenagers will always affect them. Too many young girls now days think the way the girls in the beginning of this book thought...that they could do whatever they want and not have any consequences because they are just kids. That is not true by any means and I think that Colleen Wait did a wonderful job giving an example to show that you actions always have consequences no matter your age. The choices you make as a teen could very well haunt you as an adult.

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