Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alexander Vanquish the Night by: Lauren K. Pomeroy

Synopsis: Gazing out of the open window, Alexander stared into the cold blizzard that swarmed across the sun and placed the land into a deep freeze. Frost crested the iron windowpanes and clung to the glass. He held his sword close to his chest and watched as the snow continued to fall. A deep sinking feeling came creeping silently into his heart; an even greater realization that his father was lost in battle, when his black stallion came into the courtyard with no rider...

After the mysterious raid of his family in search of claiming their lives, the young Alexander is suddenly hunted by the soldiers who killed his stable structure and damaged his past when he murders the men responsible and escapes for those still after his life. From that moment on he became a threatening, untamable man who's journey for justice turns to vengeance. Can a man who has become a destructive monster, ever truly turn back to what he was before? Or will the lingering rage and deception turn him into an even greater threat?

Review: This books is very different from what I would usually read. Not to say that it isn't just as good. Alexander and his friends go through hell and back to save the ones they love. Alexander gives up a lot for the love of his life and still the ending isn't what any of them desire. Life is very unpredictable and Alexander and his friends find that out the hard way. The twists and turns in this book make it very alluring and hard to put down.

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