Monday, September 26, 2011

An Author's Plea for Help!

(This is from Author Lauren K. Pomeroy. Please read and comment. Back the project if you so desire. I get NO proceeds from this. I am simply promoting for the author.)

So above is the link to my project, all the details are on that page as far as what it is - Basically, the project and the entire basis of is to hence "kickstart" your inventions, dreams, literature, music, artwork, clothing, anything that you believe can make it, you can put it on Kickstarter to see if the public thinks so as well, therefore funding you by donating to backing your project to see it succeeds.
My goal in this is 15,000$ (I know, huge right?) but when you look at what the goal is towards, its just to get my books OUT there. What I plan to do with 15,000$ (or more if this becomes as popular as I would like) is to take both Alexander Vanquish the Night and Corruption to a professional editor to look over both manuscripts and edit them as needed. I've shopped around - for the rates editors charge, its probably going to be around 8,000$ total for both books to be edited. Next, the remaining 7,000$ is to take them to or another self publishing agency and get these books into hard cover copies to sell on B&N, Lulu, and even 74/75 books (because I already had 1 of these rewards claimed) to anyone who donates 50$ or more will have their full name permanently printed into the book on one of the first pages dedicated to those who supported the novels and made their physical copies possible. Not only that, but if my funding becomes successful I will also sign these books and send them to the remaining 74 reward holders free of charge.
The remaining 75 books of each title will be sold onto the websites. Now, I've looked and to print 150 copies of each stories, 300$ total is going to be around another 8,000$ total so I may even be short if I only make it 15,000$, but regardless it is a great launch point.
Now, here's the important thing - there's no limit to what one can donate, it can be 1$, it can be 100$, it can be 1000$ if someone really wanted too, but you MUST donate if you want to back the project. Pressing the "like" button underneath the main picture of the project does not mean you are backing it, it counts towards nothing.
Not only that, but the entire project is limited to 60 days - with 55/56 days left, so the race is on, and trying to make this project become a contagious disease is desperately needed if these books are going to survive at all. So please encourage people to donate no matter the amount - people spend as much money on itunes as they could donate, and please encourage everyone to pass the word along to their friends, or if they too are thinking of backing a project I will back theirs as well if they decide to do the same for me, (kind of a trade off) :) .

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