Thursday, September 1, 2011

New GIVEAWAY idea! Taking affect TODAY

*So I had an idea and my husband thought it was GREAT! Lets see what you all think!*

Starting TODAY, anyone that wins something that I have to MAIL will get one of these
I will send you the bottom portion and I will keep the "Ticket" part. I will place all tickets in this
jar folded in half. On January 1,2012 I will draw ONE ticket from this jar (while being video recorded) to choose a winner. Whoever has the other half of the ticket I draw will have to provide a picture of their half with the NUMBER visible within a week of the drawing to claim their prize. I will continue to draw ONE winner every 3 months from this jar. I will NOT start over after each drawing. I will simply trash the winning ticket so that ticket can't be chosen again the next time.

Now for the prize! The winner that is chosen every 3 months will not receive one thing! This prize pack will contain AT LEAST 10 items! That's right I said TEN!

*I do appoligize to all of my international followers, but this giveaway is for U.S. residents only. I have to pay for all shipping out of pocket and it costs more than $12 to send just ONE book overseas so a prize pack of 10 items or more would really be expensive. :(  I do appreciate my international followers and will continue to allow ALL single book giveaways to remain open internationally. (lots of other blogs don't offer ANY international giveaways unless they are ebooks)*

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