Thursday, February 7, 2013

Burden of Reckoning
Kathi S. Barton
Aaron's Kiss Series Book 4

Review copy provided by author.

Sam Hunter lived a double life. On the surface she was a baker, but behind the scenes she smuggled people away from abusive situations. Being the owner of Sam’s Baked Goods gave her a place to call home, a place that was untouched by her secret life. Tucker James was a vampire fleeing from his cruel maker. He came to Aaron’s Kiss in hopes of swearing allegiance to Aaron MacManus and becoming a member of his Kiss. He just wanted to be a part of a realm of vampires that didn’t starve their subjects and beat them. Sam’s peaceful life is shattered when her secret life comes back to haunt her in her own shop. To protect an innocent, Sam winds up shot and loses consciousness. Sara MacManus, Aaron’s mate, just happened to be there when things went bad. She sensed Sam’s powers and had Sam taken to Aaron’s Kiss. Sam was dyeing and the only thing that would save her was blood, vampire blood. From the moment he caught her scent, Tucker knew that Sam was his mate—the very beautiful dying woman lying on the bed needed his blood—and while he wanted her with every fiber of his being, keeping her safe wasn’t an option. His own maker wanted him back. With Sam’s special brand of magic she can save the big vampire but he isn’t ready to take it. He’s terrified of Marta, his maker, and not so much what she’ll do to him but what she could and would do to his very lovely, stubborn mate.

Sam and Hunter's story is one of my favorites. As always Kathi did not disappoint with this story. It has the perfect mix of romance, action, and of course smut! What's a good Kathi S. Barton book without smut? I don't know about you all but I love Kathi mostly because she is a wonderful person who writes marvelous books for all of us to read but also because she is so good at writing the "smut" scenes as well. 

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