Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reluctant Alpha by Kathi S. Barton

Reluctant Alpha
Kathi S. Barton
Aaron's Kiss Series Book 7

Review copy provided by author. 

Bradly Wolff is the Alpha were of his pack, and dealing with a couple of mischievous pups has his nerves on edge. He has an art show to host in his gallery for his favorite artist, Alastriona Bennett, and doesn’t have time for their shenanigans. Depressed over the loss of her family and her life as she knows it, Alastriona Airic Bennett pours her heart and soul into her art. She hasn’t left the house in eighteen months, not since her father and brother were killed, and she herself was turned into a were. The art show barely gets started when Bradley sees the Alpha Bitch that has invaded his turf and the fur flies. When the dust settles, Bradley not only discovers that she is the artist that he admires so much but his mate and an Alpha in her own right. He also discovers that the Alpha that turned her wants her back and he’s dangerous. Airic doesn’t need this, any of it. She wants Bradley to go back to his pack and leave her alone. Let the other Alpha find her and put her out of her misery. But Bradley ignites in her a sexual heat and passion she never knew existed. Can Bradley protect his reluctant Alpha from the Alpha male that turned her? Can he convince her that he is her true mate? Are they out of time?
I literally teared up in the first few chapters of this book. What Airic had to witness was horrific. Airic dealt with the tragedy in her own ways that others didn't understand. When the man who traumatized her and destroyed her family comes after her she is ready to give up and let him have her. Her mate on the other hand is absolutely not going to let that happen. Bradly and Airic's story is very touching. This one is my all time favorite! 

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