Monday, February 25, 2013

My Warrior Fae by Kathi S. Barton

My Warrior Fae
Kathy S. Barton
Aaron's Kiss Series Book 9

Review copy provided by author.

All Tess Knight wanted was a loan to purchase a car but what she got was pulled into the middle of a bank robbery. She’s able to shield herself and hide in the shadows until she is able to eliminate the robbers one by one. During the attack, she’s injured and has lost a lot of blood. The only one that Bradley feels can save her they notice she has a mark on her and Mel, the Queen of Magic has to be contacted. Nathaniel Tremont is hot on the trail of Brian Manchester for a string of bank robberies. He’s an FBI agent and has been following him for several weeks now. With Brian now dead, all he wants to do is return to his home, but that isn’t going to be the case for him. He’s been chosen to give Tess blood and now there is a tie between them. He knows this is his mate but he doesn’t want to accept it. All he wants to do is go home. Things aren’t so wonderful for Nathaniel and Tess in the beginning because she knows he doesn’t want to be tied down. Can Nathaniel change his mind about her? What will happen to Tess once Nathaniel finds out what she really is? Is it something he wants to accept? With Shamus, her army and The Kiss will they be able to convince Tess of her fate? There will be many surprises along the way.
I can't express enough how wonderful these books are! Kathi is an excellent author. Tess and Tremont's story was so much fun to read. I absolutely love the story and the characters are amazingly down to earth. I feel like I have a whole other family within these books. 

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