Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Corruption by: Lauren K. Pomeroy


By: Lauren K. Pomeroy
Publisher: Lauren K. Pomeroy
Release Date:June, 2011
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Source: PDF copy from Author
 About the book: ...Seeing her inside the window, he feels a sense of comfort and begins to walk toward the house. Feeling the breeze at his back again, he turns to see knights upon horses stampeding towards him, as if he were invisible. Whirling around as they gallop past him with torches and weapons, he watches as the soldiers invade his home. "No!" he shouts silently, hearing nothing immerse from inside his throat. The sounds of murder break over the wind as she moans and screams to the high heavens and is locked inside, while the remaining soldiers light his house in a wreath of flames. Suddenly, the world he's surrounded in slowly turns black, while the roar of the fire and her screams echo inside his mind...

After the horrific murder of his wife, the framing of his personality deemed insane, and the imprisonment that left a scar on the face of the people, Hadrian is now part of a plot to wreak havoc on those who took away the love of his life, help regain the throne and the council to the exiled Prince Moroven, and give freedom to those who’ve been stripped of it in the name of his wife, Emeline.

My Review: Lauren did an excellent job with this story. She is so good at making you picture everything so vividly in your mind. She gives wonderful detail in every scene. Lauren has an incredible knack for descriptive words. This story is very unique and intriguing. Lauren's star character is very heroic and not your typical man at all. He is very loving of his wife who was murdered and very courageous. I love that he goes so far to avenge her death. It's absolutely heart warming.

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