Monday, October 31, 2011

Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream by: Caddy Rowland + GIVEAWAY

Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream

By: Caddy Rowland
Publisher: Caddy Rowland
First Printing: August 2011
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Source: Paper bound copy provided by author

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Synopsis: In this both dark and hopeful first book, young Gastien Beauchamp begins his journey to Paris with two goals in life. The first is to become an artist with his own studio, following his own rules. That is an almost impossible dream for a peasant. Gastien has no money, no formal training, and is a naïve eighteen year old fresh off the farm. Paris spits out talented men into the gutters every day. “Good” gets you nowhere. “Great” maybe gets you a bowl of soup. The second is to become the greatest lover in France. That should be easy. With his stunning looks, and his willingness to learn, the women of Paris are about to be awakened in a way they have only dreamt about in the 19th century! Gastien swears that he has no interest in love. Love would only take away his dreams. But he is innocent and does not realize that sex without love can be quite empty. Before he can learn that, he must face obstacles and heartaches that will threaten to destroy his very soul. Insatiable, burning passion. Focus and drive. Raw, natural talent. Armed with those, Gastien is determined to succeed at any cost. Poor Gastien. If he could only know in advance what struggles lay before him, he might think twice about leaving home. However, he is young and full of hope. The dreams burn relentlessly inside of him, not allowing him a moments rest. And so the journey begins...

My Review: This book quite litterally took me for a ride. A very impassioned ride on a rather large Roller Coaster of emotion. In the first few chapters of this book I experienced many different emotions and was thrown for a loop experiencing each of them over and over throughout the book!

First of all I want you all to know that I am NOT a cryer! I don't cry over sad movies and I don't cry when I read sad books. (usually) However, this one was very different for me. I litterally had tears rolling down my cheeks on more than one ocassion while reading this. I laughed out loud quite often too, and also found myself smiling at other times. I have never felt so much emotion from reading one single book before.

Caddy Rowland did a wonderful job with this book and I am certainly glad that she asked me to review it for her. I can't wait for Gastien Part 2 so that I can find out what happens with Gastien and Sophie.

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