Monday, October 31, 2011

Who won?!

I have lots of winners to announce today so lets get started!

My Charlaine harris SIGNED goodies giveaway has SIX winners!
First and second winners will receive a signed copy of  one of Charlaine's books.

  1. Megan Keyser
  2. Stephanie Biernat
  3. Caressa Mainland 
  4. Jaclyn Cotton 
  5. Brent Irelan
  6. Laura Wood
Since I have the addresses for these winners the prizes will be mailed out ASAP.

I  have ONE winner for an Ebook copy of Betrayed by Morrigan Michele and Misty Carmony. This ebook will come directly from the author.
  • Mindy Janicke
I have ONE winner for a paper bound copy of Say Not What If. This book will come directly from the author.
  • Susan Light
And last but definitely not least, Gracen Miller has chosen the winner of the Skull Cameo Pendant. The winner is:
  • Nia Shay

Thank you to everyone that participated in my giveaways. I greatly appreciate all of your support!
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