Saturday, October 29, 2011

Morrigan Michele Guest Post

Hi everyone, I am Morrigan Michele- one of the authors of the Blood and Magick Series. As many of you all know, Betrayed-Blood and Magick Book 1 just released October 1st and we couldn't be more excited! What I really wanted to do today, though, is let you all in on some things you might not know about my sister, Misty, and myself. Misty has always been an avid reader. Her favorite genre is paranormal fantasy, but she has been known to read some paranormal romance from time to time. I, on the other hand, didn't start really reading until I was into my 20's. It wasn't that I didn't like to read, but more that I hadn't found anything that caught and kept my interest. I suppose I can blame that fact on Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I was in highschool when I began reading them, and after that nothing could compare; that is until Misty introduced me to Christine Feehan's Drake Sisters Series. After that, Misty and I were our own little book club. We would take turns buying books and discussing them. That is how we got the idea to write a book of our own.

As a writing team, Misty and I are 2 parts of one whole. We discuss ideas and make an outline of the main parts of the story (not that it always goes how we plan.) We then either write together or talk on the phone while we write. Our writing techniques are different in that she writes in first person present tense and I write in first person past tense; so I usually have to go in and change what she writes to past tense. Also, Misty can only write with pen and paper as where I can only write by typing.

A lot of people ask why they can find me on the internet everywhere, but can hardly find anything on Misty. I am here to answer that. Misty isn't shy, she just likes to be out of the spotlight as much as possible. She doesn't have a facebook page or any other site pages. I have tried to talk her into getting one, but to no avail. She says that she has no desire to have one. Her fans can come and see her at in-person events and she will happily chat with you and sign your books/swag there. She does have a direct e-mail where her fans can contact her, it is this is her direct e-mail.

From the very beginning we decided that as writers we would only write what we as readers would want to read. I have found that so many authors really overkill their descriptions. They waste 2-3 pages alone on describing various things. As a reader, I flip through those pages, skimming them to find where the actual story picks back up. We also wanted to write a story that though it is obviously fiction, is believable enough and that has characters that the reader can relate to. I feel that we have accomplished these things in Betrayed.

10 things most people don't know about Morrigan Michele:

1. I am totally not a morning person. It takes me like an hour to wake up, seriously if I could be up all night and sleep through the day I would. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the second fact which is

2. I don't like sunlight. I truly don't and I never have. Granted I respect all it does for us and the fact that is is necessary for life and all that; but I try to avoid it when possible.

3. My favorite weather is chilly with rain. When it rains it relaxes me to the core. To me rain is "nature's valium." I like the chilly weather because I absolutely love the fall/winter clothes, fireplaces and cuddling.

4. I am addicted to ice cubes and Pepsi. Those for me are like staples in my home, the same as eggs, milk, and coffee; I will make a special trip into town if I am low on either of those two items.

5. I am somewhat of a control freak. I have to have everything a certain way or I cannot function.

6. My favorite colors are black, pink and silver. I also like purple a lot.

7. If I could choose any actress dead or alive to play the part of 'me' in a biography of my life I would choose Sandra Bullock because she is funny, quirky and serious all at the same time.

8. I think the appropriate actress to play the part of Misty would be Allison Hannigan (Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and also plays on How I Met Your Mother)

9. My favorite icecream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip and I cannot stand soft serve.

10. I have an issue with food textures and cannot eat several things. Not because they taste bad, but because of how they feel in my mouth. For example: bananas, pudding,yogurt and kiwi.

We are about out of time for now, I have a book signing this evening at the local library as a part of our town's Halloween Boozar that I have to get ready for. Before I go I would like to thank Christina and Intoxicated by books for having me here today, It's been a lot of fun. Also, over on my website we are doing a blog hop anda Halloween Spook-Tacular Giveaway so be sure to stop by and check those out at Also I would love to giveaway a copy of Betrayed in e-book format here at Intoxicated By Books. As for a contest or choosing a winner, I will leave that up to Christina! Good Luck, and have fun.

**To enter to win this ebook all we need you to do is leave us a comment. Make sure you leave us your email address :). Don't just say "great giveaway" leave us a REAL comment! as the simple "great giveaway" or others of that sort will not be counted in the drawing**
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